Cebu Lechon – Whole Roasted Pig is giving Southern California residents the opportunity to sample the succulent taste of Cebu-style lechon. We are now taking orders via phone and online.  We deliver to almost anywhere in Southern California.


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Generally referred to as whole roasted pig, lechon got its name from the Spanish word for milk – leche. There is an assortment of ways to roasting a whole pig; however, it is Cebu lechon baboy that has earned the distinction of being the “world’s best” as unabashedly proclaimed by world-renowned chef and author, Anthony Bourdain.

In a past episode of his show, “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” which aired on the Travel Channel; the self-proclaimed pork expert declared Cebu lechon baboy as one of the best roasted pig dishes he has ever had the privilege of eating because of its crispy skin and tender juicy meat. In fact, on his blog, the world-travelling chef had this to say about Cebu’s culinary delicacy –
“And speaking of pig? It can now be said that of all the whole roasted pigs I’ve had all over the world, the slow roasted lechon I had on Cebu was the best.”
LechonHQ is offering the people of Southern California a taste of Cebu-style Lechon baboy. Filipinos, especially, can savor the taste of home without having to travel all the way to Cebu. We can deliver your crispy lechon baboy right to your doorstep. Areas that we cannot accommodate with our free delivery will be charged an additional fee based on the distance. Each order also comes with two containers of lechon sauce or homemade liver sauce.

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Los Angeles, West Covina, Rancho Cucamonga, Glendale, Anaheim, Riverside, San Bernardino county, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Cerritos, Carson, Long Beach and neighboring cities.